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General FAQs

What is MyRentalCV?
MyRentalCV is an online tenant referencing system that allows you to provide prospective agents and landlords with all the information you need before viewing and applying for a property. This includes: your ID documents, employment references, landlord references, and a soft credit check.
Why do I need a MyRentalCV?
MyRentalCV can help you win your perfect property by allowing agents and landlords to assess your eligibility for a property before inviting you to a viewing. This means that you will only view properties that you have a good chance of acquiring, saving you a lot of time during the moving process.
What is a tenant reference?
A tenant reference is a document which provides a landlord or letting agent with key indicative details about prior resident history and credit checks as a means of evaluating the tenant.
How can I share my MyRentalCV with my prospective landlord or agent?
You have two options for sharing your CV with prospective agents and landlords. You can email your MicroCV directly to them which will then give them access to your full MyRentalCV. Alternatively, you can print off your MyRentalCV and take it along to viewings, or when visiting your letting agent.
How long can I use a MyRentalCV for?
You can use your MyRentalCV throughout your entire rental journey.
How long will it take to receive my certification?
When a tenant provides details of their landlord and employer, they will each be contacted securely to provide verification of the tenant’s details. Response times vary, but average response times for reference requests are within 24 hours.
Can I still use MyRentalCV before I receive my certification?
Yes, however it is advised that as much of the MyRentalCV is completed as possible.
Where can I find a copy of your terms and conditions for tenants?
Click here to view our terms and conditions.
How will you calculate my tenant rating?
Your tenant rating is an accumulative average of your previous ratings provided by your landlord.
How much does it cost to use MyRentalCV?
MyRentalCV is free to use and always will be.
What is a credit score?
Your credit score is a 3-digit number calculated from all of the credit data a Credit Reference Agency holds about you. MyRentalCV uses the Credit Reference Agency TransUnion to produce your credit score. The TransUnion credit score is out of 710. Your score will show potential lenders the likelihood of you making repayments on your loans.
How can I improve my credit score?
You can improve your credit score gradually over time. Some of the ways you can do this are detailed below.

1. Build a credit history, starting with a secured credit card.
2. Keep up with credit repayments and keep credit card balances low.
3. Register to vote.
4. Close unused accounts and open new accounts only when you need them.
5. Check your credit scores and reports to watch for errors.
Will the credit check affect my credit score?
MyRentalCV only runs a soft credit inquiry which won’t affect your credit score in any way. It will be visible to yourself on your consumer credit report, but will not be visible to any other lenders that may review your credit file and will not affect lender decisions.
Is there an age limit on performing credit checks?
There is no age limit on performing a credit check on the MyRentalCV system but those under the age of 18 will more than likely have a ‘thin file’, meaning there may not be enough detail for a credit score to be given. In this case, a guarantor may need to be provided.
What should I do if I’m not pleased with my tenant rating?
We hope that you are happy with your MyRentalCV tenant rating. All property professionals who provide tenant ratings are required to agree to our terms of use which obligates them to rate tenants fairly. In the event that you believe you have been rated unfairly, and you can prove otherwise, please contact us by emailing support@myrentalcv.com.
What should I do if I’m not pleased with my credit score?
MyRentalCV uses data from Transunion to produce your credit score. If you have any issues related to your score, reach out to their customer service team here.

Managing your MyRentalCV

Why do I need my ID documents?
Your ID documents will help us verify your identity and complete your soft credit check.
How can I upload a supporting document?
Upload supporting documents in the Document Manager.
Am I required to enter all of my previous addresses?
No, but you are required to provide at least your last 3 months of UK address history. However, you can enter as many address histories as you wish. The more you add the more weight it adds to your tenant rating.
Can I use residential references from residency in other countries?
If a tenant has lived abroad, they can seek a reference from a previous landlord/agent the same as they would for a reference request in the UK.
I have a paper reference from my previous landlord/employer and do not want to send them a request for a digital reference, what should I do?
Although our preferred form of reference is a digital MRCV approved reference, you can alternatively upload a paper reference via the document manager.
Why can I not obtain a credit check?
We are unable to provide credit references for individuals who have lived outside the UK in the last three years, as one of the main methods of tenant vetting relies on individuals being on the voters roll. For tenants in this circumstance, we would recommend the use of a UK-based guarantor.
What if I don't have a UK based guarantor?
Contact your letting agent directly, as each agent has their own process.
I am self-employed and do not have an accountant, what should I use as a reference?
If you are self-employed and do not have a reference from your accountant, don’t worry! You can use the document manager to upload your latest tax return as proof of income.
Why do I need a guarantor?
Landlords may ask you to provide a guarantor if they feel there is a risk of you not paying your rent on time or in full. If your total income means that you will be paying over 40% of your income on living costs, we will ask you to provide a guarantor.
Who can I use as my guarantor?
Your guarantor must be UK based and have at least 3 month’s worth of UK address history. Please note that the guarantor is not officially the guarantor until they have signed the lease agreement with the landlord.
Can I still use a MyRentalCV if I am living in halls of residence?
Yes, if a tenant uses student accommodation or similar, MyRentalCV will provide them with a profile to use accordingly before and after their rental period.

Deals and Offers

What offers are available to me?
We currently offer a utility switching service to help you save time and money if you are in the process of moving, or if you are settled in your home and want to save some money each month.
Am I obligated to follow through with a utilities switch if I sign up to a home review call?
No, you are absolutely not obligated to follow through with a switch! Our concierge team will simply present you with money-saving deals, and the decision to switch is ultimately up to you.

Privacy and Security

How do you store my information?
All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers.
How do you use my information?
We use your information to provide you services, for marketing and advertising purposes, and to improve our services. Click here to find out more.
Where can I find your privacy policy?
Click here to access our privacy policy.
How can I delete a MyRentalCV?
We hope you are satisfied with the service you have received from MyRentalCV! If there is anything we can do to assist you, please contact us.

In the event that you would like to deactivate your account, please click here.