Guarantor FAQs

Why have I received a guarantor request?
One of our users has requested to use you as their guarantor.
What confidentiality measures are there in place?
Click on the following link to view the MyRentalCV privacy policy.
Who can be a guarantor?
For MyRentalCV the guarantor must be UK based. A guarantor is usually a close friend or family member. You must be able to provide three months of address history.
What is my responsibility as a guarantor?
In the case that this user is not able to pay their rent, the liability will fall onto yourself if you choose to accept the guarantor request. If you accept, you will need to fill in a form provided through your email request.
What are the benefits of my employees using MyRentalCV?
MyRentalCV saves guarantors time as they need only provide their information once for their friend/relative rather than the traditional, once per property.