Employer FAQs

Why have I received an employee reference request?
Requests are sent to employers once one of your employees has completed their MyRentalCV. The MyRentalCV user/your employee has given authority for us to contact you.
What confidentiality measures are there in place?
Click on the following link to view the MyRentalCV privacy policy.
What is my responsibility if I am asked to endorse an employee?
You simply need to confirm that this tenant is an employee at your organisation in the role and pay level that they have stated.
What do I do if my employee has given incorrect information on their employment?
All you need to do is click edit, change their details to the correct information and click save. This will send an updated version to the MyRentalCV users dashboard.
What are the benefits of my employees using MyRentalCV?
MyRentalCV saves employers time as they need only provide one reference for their employee rather than the traditional, one reference per property.
How do I become a verified employer?
Please contact us to find out more.
Does it cost anything to become an employer partner?
Becoming a MyRentalCV employer partner costs nothing. In fact, by choosing to become a myrentalcv employer partner you will save your organisation valuable time and hence overhead for your referencing output.