Letting Agent FAQs

What are the benefits to my agency of using MRCV?
MyRentalCV will provide a concise way to look at a tenant’s credit score, ID, rental history and employment status to allow the agent to make an informed decision on prospective tenants. This allows you, the letting agent, to pre-screen prospective tenants before allowing those who are eligible to view the property.
How do I become an agent partner?
Our service is free of charge to both tenants and letting agents. You may choose to request MyRentalCVs from your prospective tenants going forward. For more information on our service please contact us here.
Are there any costs to become an agent partner?
MyRentalCV is a free service for both tenants and letting agents. There are no associated costs.
Can I change the rating for a tenant?
If a tenancy is incomplete at the time of reference, MyRentalCV will contact the agent at the end of the tenancy to request confirmation or amendment of the tenant rating based on the property handover.
What benefits does MRCV give to tenants?
MyRentalCV saves time for both your agency and your tenants. Your tenants will no longer spend their time viewing properties that they would not be considered eligible for. By using MyRentalCV, the search and application process is minimised to ensure that tenants find their dream property, quickly. It also allows them to store their information in one place, rather than repeatedly put together similar information on separate documents.
What is the tenant rating criteria?
Your tenant rating criteria is based on 3 individual ratings which are marked from 1 to 5. The ratings are as follows: Property care rating, tenant recommendation and rent payment description.
What do I do if a tenant disputes my rating? Is there a dispute resolution mechanism in place?
All property professionals that have been requested to provide a tenant rating are required to agree to our terms of use which requires them to rate tenants fairly. If a rating is suggested as being unfair or unjust this may affect the agent’s ability to continue as an agent partner.
What if the tenant does not have a rating?
While tenants may not always have prior ratings from previous agencies or landlords, the employment status, credit score and affordability index provide an excellent method of evaluating the tenant.
What support can you offer me and my tenants?
MyRentalCV provides dedicated online support during working hours and will deal with all issues reported, as quickly as possible. Please contact us by emailing support@myrentalcv.com