Please find our answers to frequently asked questions below. If you are an employer you might want to read our employer FAQ, or if you are an agent/landlord our agent & landlord FAQ.

What is a myrentalcv?

myrentalcv is an online web-app that empowers tenants to obtain all the details required to build their profile quickly and efficiently.

What is a tenant reference?

A tenant reference is a document which provides a landlord or letting agent with key indicative details about prior residency history and credit checks as a means of evaluating the tenant.

Where can I find a copy of the myrentalcv terms and conditions for tenant users?

Click on the following link to view the myrentalcv terms and conditions for tenant users

What does the affordability % rating mean?

The affordability rating indicates how well the tenant can afford the rent they wish to pay based on their total income calculated by dividing their income by 12 and taking their share of the rent as a percentage of their total income for the month.

Why do I need a myrentalcv?

myrentalcv saves tenants the hassle of completing the mundane administrative work of gathering all their references, previous address details and personal details offline by facilitating an efficient method of displaying their current/previous references, employment status, residency history and ID information online in a concise report to share with the letting agent, landlord or housing representative.

How much does it cost and am I tied into a contract?

A myrentalcv costs £59.00. There is no ongoing membership or subscription fee required.

How long can I use a ‘myrentalcv’ for?

A myrentalcv can be used for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. In this time it can be shared as many times as required. After this time, the myrentalcv account can be updated as and when but before the myrentalcv can be shared once again, the tenant will require to pay a renewal fee.

Do I have to purchase a new myrentalcv every time I wish to share it?

No, the tenant can share their myrentalcv as many times as they like within the 90 day period after payment. Once this expires, the tenant will need to pay again in order to share their myrentalcv once more.

What is the cost of renewal for a myrentalcv?

It will cost £49.00 to renew a myrentalcv ready for sharing.

Will my details be lost when my myrentalcv expires?

No. At the end of the 90 days, the tenant can update their details via their account, but it is necessary to purchase a renewal to share the myrentalcv once again.

What is my score based on?

The score is based on publicly available data, and is not a substitute for a credit report from a credit reference agency using non-public data.

What do I do if I am not happy with my credit score?

myrentalcv uses data from Callcredit Information Group to produce your credit score. If you have any issues related to your score you should contact their consumer team on 0845 366 0071 or in writing to the following address: Consumer Services, Callcredit Limited, PO Box 491, Leeds, LS3 1WZ or by filling in an enquiry form at the following URL: www.callcredit.co.uk/contact-us/consumer-enquiries.

What do I do if I am not happy with my tenant ratings?

All property professionals that have been requested to provide a tenant rating have required to agree to our terms of use which requires them to rate tenants fairly. If you think your rating is unfair and you can prove otherwise, please contact us by emailing support@myrentalcv.com

Am I required to enter all of my previous addresses?

No but you are required to provide a minimum of your last 3 months worth of UK address history.

Who can I use as my guarantor?

If a guarantor is required they must be UK based and have a minimum of 3 months worth of UK address history. Please note that the guarantor is not officially the guarantor until they have signed the lease agreement with the landlord.

Can I use residential references from residency in other countries?

If a tenant has lived abroad, they can seek a reference from their previous landlord/agent the same as they would for a reference request in the UK.

Is a myrentalcv valid outside of Scotland?

There are currently no myrentalcv agent partners outside of Scotland, however, a myrentalcv can be used to provide background information to all UK based agents/landlords and housing representatives.

Does a myrentalcv still apply to me if I am living in halls of residence?

Yes, if a tenant lives in student accommodation or similar, a myrentalcv will provide them with a profile to use accordingly before and after their rental period.

How long should I expect to wait before I receive my certification?

When a tenant provides the details of their agent/landlord and employer, they will each be contacted securely to provide verification of the tenant's details. Average response times are within 24 hours.

Am I still able to use myrentalcv before I receive my certification?

Yes, however, it is advised that as much of the myrentalcv is completed as possible.

Where can I find the myrentalcv privacy policy?

Click on the following link to view the myrentalcv Privacy Policy

Does the credit check show up on my credit file?

Performing a credit check on an individual will leave a 'soft' footprint on their credit files, meaning that the search record will be visible to the individual through their consumer credit report.

Does the credit check affect the tenant's credit file related to future borrowing?

Although performing a credit check on an individual will leave a 'soft' footprint on their credit files, meaning that the search record will be visible to the individual through their consumer credit report, this will NOT be visible to other lenders that may review their credit file. This means that the footprint should not affect any lender decisions. NB. The report will be recorded for 24 months in the file.

Is there an age limit on performing credit checks?

There is no age limit on performing a credit check on the myrentalcv system but those under the age of 18 will more than likely have what is called a 'thin file', which means that there may not be enough detail for a credit score to be given on the individual. In this case it is advised that the individual includes a UK based guarantor on their myrentalcv.