For Employers

What is the real cost to your company for providing employment references for your staff?

It takes up HR admin time and resources to provide the references your employee needs when they are looking to rent a property - a cost to your business. We estimate in some cases this can be as much as £15-£20 in admin cost per reference.

How many of your staff rent property as opposed to own?

With more people renting than ever before and the average age of the first time buyer at 37 this could be a growing cost to your business when your staff need employment and salary verification when applying to rent property.

How much do you really know about the companies requesting this sensitive staff information?

What information are you happy to provide?

Where do employment references go in your organisation - do they get passed around your departments until finally finding the right person who is authorised to provide such a reference?

How much of your team's time does that waste?

At myrentalcv we are on a mission to make letting better and improve the process of tenant referencing. Our product is an online web-app that empowers individuals to build their own rental profile similar to an employment CV. Through the app they can apply directly to you to verify their employment status and p_salary. We have designed the system to be fast and easy for you as an employer. You can provide verification with a few simple clicks, dramatically cutting down your admin workload and time.

Advantages for your company:

  • You can become an employer partner ensuring that we send all applications for your company to the right person
  • Massive time and cost savings
  • No cost to you
  • Secure: you know exactly who you are providing the information to - that you have been authorised by your staff member to release it.
  • It reflects well on you as an employer if you are better able to turn these requests around quickly

Advantages to your staff:

By making the process of providing staff references simpler and faster, hopefully your staff will benefit from having their reference verified quickly and that could help them obtain the property they want faster and potentially give them an edge if enquiring for a competitive property.

A proper 3rd party verified CV may show them in the best light - and in a competitive market this may put them higher up the list for viewings and may help present them as a lower risk to landlords and agents.

To reduce your human resources overhead and benefit from the efficiency of myrentalcv, contact us today to become a partner employer at no cost to you. By becoming a myrentalcv partner employer you will be added to the list of partner employers available to tenants and thus speed up the process all round.